Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dear Prom

Dear Prom, 

Some girls look forward to you year round. Others loathe you. Some girls start in December signing up for tanning packages and making hair appointments in preparation for your arrival. For me shopping officially started today. I visited four stores and tried on an endless array of dresses everything from skin tight tragedy to poofy princess to high low. An entire day and a low self esteem later my mom and I returned home empty handed. We saw plenty of beautiful dresses none that fit quite right and full filled all my perfect dreams. I find it completely unfair that you set such a high standard for those attending. Leading us to believe that this is the end all of High School. That you will live forever as the memory of High School. People will look back on these three years of their lives and simply see you, one night, suspended in time. Forever. Well I've got news for you. My three years will not be summed up to one night. High School isn't all about you. It's about me. My friends. My life. So prom, although you think you will defeat me with your prom queens and date status, you wont. 

-One girl who is already considering you over rated

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