Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thanks to Jaime at Toby's Tails for nominating me for this award! I suppose I've let my little light shine this week! Who knows...anyway, click on over after you read this and check out her blog!
If nominated for this award, you must include a link in your blog to the person/blog that nominated you. You must also answer some questions about yourself, nominate fellow bloggers, link their blogs in your post, and inform them that they have been nominated.
Who is your favorite philosopher?
Philosopher...hmm I'm not sure if Doctor Seuss counts but his children's books have some pretty great life philosophies.:)
What is your favorite number?
2 because second is the best. ;)
What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a giraffe. They are so cute! And, fun fact the sound they make is similar to that of a goat.
What are your Facebook and Twitter?
I have not yet conformed to the social medium trend of Twitter because I don't have time to keep up with that much information, but you can find my Facebook at Beka Dillon.:)
What is your favorite time of day?
I thoroughly enjoy the mornings because I get to enjoy a cup of coffee and on my way to school I leave early and the streets are virtually empty. It sounds strange but it makes me feel like the only one around and I like it for that short time. I also have my quiet time in the mornings.
What is your favorite holiday?
 Thanksgiving! Who doesn't love an abundance of food??
What is your favorite physical activity?
Physical activity...Ha yeah right! ;) Just kidding! I LOVE to ride my bike!
What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Definitely Sweet Tea! Just call me southern belle.
What is your favorite flower?
 i really love Daffodils! but i never really get them :/
What is your passion?
I have a passion for people. I love to be around them and I love to share my passion about God with them!
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Tips For Tuesday

So I've decided to start a new series called Tips For Tuesday let me know how you like it!

This weeks tips come from Seventeen Magazine.

For all the ladies out there unsure of how to DTR (define the relationship) here are a couple of ideas:

* Pretend your Best Friend asked- Everyone is wondering what the deal is between you guys, casually say something like, "My friends keep asking what's going on with us, what should i tell them?"

* Take your hangouts public- if all you two do is hangout in private it will be tough to determine where you stand as far as your relationship is concerned.

* Open up about everything else- getting comfortable with someone is the first step to moving forward in your relationship and makes easing in to the DTR a lot easier.

* Schedule a later date- Start making plans to go out in the future, if he's committed to hanging out with you weeks in advance, he's stuck on you.

* Mention other guy's- this one is my favorite, most guys don't see what they have until they face the threat of someone else taking it. But tread lightly on this ground because depending on your man it has the potential to back fire.

Helene in Between

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Nothing says America like Super Bowl Sunday!
Let me give you a little recap of my Sunday afternoon.

My mom and I spent all afternoon slaving over a hot oven making all kinds of delicious delicacies. 

Starting from left to right above:
Home made salsa
Chicken Cream Cheese Chicken Spirals
Taquitos and Guacamole
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Hamburger Sliders (which were SO easy!)
Rotel Sausage Crescents (my mom's recipe also soo easy!)
Pig's In a Blanket made by my lovely friend Ashten

Hamburger Slider Directions:
Simply buy a package of rolls cut them in half and put them in the oven on broil to toast the top for approximately 6 minutes,
Put the meat in a big bowl and add soy sauce (to your liking), worchestershire sauce (to your liking), dried basil, parsley, onion powder, and garlic salt. Mix all of that together then make small hamburger patties with it. We pan fried our burgers on the stove but a George Foreman grill would work just as well. When the burgers are cooked through add cheese on top and put them on the toasted rolls. Finish it off with a toothpick through the middle and you have an easy delicious party snack!:)

Now to the most important part of the whole party! My Friends!
I had a big turn out but unfortunately did not get pictures of all of them. But let me introduce you to a few of the lovely people who came!

These two ladies are two of my best friends! Ashten and Caitie! Shout out to them today on Life As Told By Ginge!:)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Social Sunday

Sunday Social

1. If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have?

I would want to have my phone so obviously I could keep up with my social media! I cant forget my bible though because that is my prized possession.:)

2. What are two TV shows you’d watch over and over?

The Vampire Diaries and House Hunters (International)!! I watched seasons 1-3 over Christmas break of The Vampire Diaries how can anyone not love Damon?! I mean come on! And House Hunters shows me all the houses and places I wish i could live. lol

3. If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?

Oh geez.. I think i would grab my camera because it cost me a pretty penny and I love it! I would also grab my jewelry box because it holds the jewelry that my family has gotten me over the years and those pieces are irreplaceable as far as emotional value goes.

4. What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?

Oh how often the answer to this question changes.. lol as of right now I'd have to say its my new ankle boots I purchased for $20! They are so cute kind of punk rock if you ask me, but they go with everything from skinny jeans to tights. My other favorite article of clothing is my new patagonia. It's the cutest shade of periwinkle and I can throw it on over anything even on lazy days and look cute. And we all know how hard it is to find something that is lazy yet cute!:)

5. What two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?

Hmmm..well I would have to say that although it is cliche, Twilight Breaking Dawn part II was significantly better than any of the others in the series. Kristen Stewart actually came across as a normal human being. It makes me wonder if she acted so awkward in the first couple of movies to give the illusion she was flawed and then in the last one when she becomes a vampire she is "perfect". Jack Reacher is also good, action packed definitely a movie to take your boyfriend/husband to.

6. What are your two biggest guilty pleasures?

Starbucks!! I get a drink called a grasshopper ( green tea frap with peppermint syrup and frap chips) it taste just like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Also I have discovered I LOVE airhead extremes..lol

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dear Prom

Dear Prom, 

Some girls look forward to you year round. Others loathe you. Some girls start in December signing up for tanning packages and making hair appointments in preparation for your arrival. For me shopping officially started today. I visited four stores and tried on an endless array of dresses everything from skin tight tragedy to poofy princess to high low. An entire day and a low self esteem later my mom and I returned home empty handed. We saw plenty of beautiful dresses none that fit quite right and full filled all my perfect dreams. I find it completely unfair that you set such a high standard for those attending. Leading us to believe that this is the end all of High School. That you will live forever as the memory of High School. People will look back on these three years of their lives and simply see you, one night, suspended in time. Forever. Well I've got news for you. My three years will not be summed up to one night. High School isn't all about you. It's about me. My friends. My life. So prom, although you think you will defeat me with your prom queens and date status, you wont. 

-One girl who is already considering you over rated

Just A Girl With A Blog

Seeing as this is my very first post on my new blog I see it only fit to introduce myself to all you lovely new viewers. 
My name is Beka and I am a ginger. 
I enjoy making people laugh and plan to fill this blog with all things humor.

This is my senior year and I am told it is the best year for new experiences so plan to share those times with all of you.

 With that being said you can also expect fashion tips, stories of my life I deem interesting enough to share, and hopefully some good tips for life, crafts, and ladies in general. 

This is my first blog so hang with me and we will let this blog take us on an adventure!